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    FWD Ricer Question

    Why do the Civic and other FWD ricers put steel wheels on the front and alloys on the back? They could only carry two when they were running from the police? Seriously, why?

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    It was part of drag racing stuff..

    They have all four alloy rims and when they go to drag race, they put lighter steel rims on the front so they can have a little better time.
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    less rotational mass = better e.t.'s. that and usually they have different tires for racing if they are real racers and not ***got rice boys...

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    The real reason started as we are discussing here. The lighter and stronger wheels ususally carried a pair of slicks. Drive all four alloys to the track and then bolt the slicks on with the steels to run. Get the traction at the track with street illegal tires. But still have all of the driving around town looking good with 4 alloys with standard tires.
    Well, the look of the wannabe's came around. (And when I say wannabe's, I am not talking about my team, of course.) Rather than looking good with 4 alloys, they wanted to look like they just came fresh from the track. So thus the steel wheels on the fronts. (But if you look, they usually do not have slicks on.)
    Just another stupid ricer hiccup. Just like all of the other items of their cars, the greatest of which is no performance.

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    FUNKED1, this is being locked. Please refrain from such ridiculous threads in the future.
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