I ran in my second autocross the other day and my STX class wagon (only a swaybar and endlinks for mods, and re92's down to the wear bars) beat two other WRX sedans who were running in ESP by about 5 seconds, yeah! I'm not sure of their mods, they both had aftermarket front spoilers and one had an Sti style rear wing and a blow off valve. I would have liked to chat with these boys, but they pulled a boneheaded move and decided to drag race each other down the airstrip, our auto-x is at the far end of an unused runway, but leaving the immediate vicinity is a huge no-no. When some guys went to flag them down and let them know they were f***in' up, they fled the airport laughing. Now they are banned, so little chance of racing them again. It sucks because a couple of knuckleheads like this can get all of us booted out of the airport.