Spec V anyone?
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    Spec V anyone?

    Has anyone raced a stock Spec V, if so , what happend?

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    I won!

    Seriously, My buddy has one and we have had two little races, once from a dig and one from a 20mph roll. Both stock at the time.

    From a light: I Had the worst possible launch(almost stalled it was so bad) and ended 1.5 car ahead up to 60.

    From 20 to 60ish: Beat him by 2 cars.
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    my friends got a spec v also... about the same outcome..... from a rolll of about 40.... i took him no problem..... to about 85 or so, when we shut down.... from a stop.. no contest..... prolly 3 car lengths by 60 ( can't go very fast on this road)

    he's got intake and exhaust now, and i can still take him... so i dont think you'll have any problem with the spec v with bolt ons..... if they have the turbo kit on there it'll be close... but they have traction problems..... same with like a 50 shot of nitrous (read the post somewhere in this forum)

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    I ran one a few weeks ago... It was actually hard for me to tell if he was racing or not....We wnt from a roll on at 70mph to about 90mph... Pulled on him very convincingly to the tune of a couple of buslengths....
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    Raced one last night from 60-120? He actually hit it first and I followed. Killed him big time, it was hard to tell if he was actually racing or not. Unfortunatley I am going to give you a real bad comparison since he was probably stock and I am at a Stage 2 Turboxs setup.

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