Couple of stoplight races
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This is a discussion on Couple of stoplight races within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; The first one, I was driving back home from work when I got behind a blue 350Z. The license plate ...

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    Couple of stoplight races

    The first one, I was driving back home from work when I got behind a blue 350Z. The license plate said (something like)
    FAST Z 350, so I knew I had to try to race him. With some nifty driving and more luck, I ended up next to him at a red light. I looked over at him (mid 40's guy) and he threw a wave. I said 'nice car' and he threw back a rev. I was like WOO HOO! Light turns green and I had a beautiful 3k launch. Instantly put 1 car on him. He shifted to 2nd with a little chirp, and I pulled another 1/2 ahead of him. At around 65 we both shut it down and he went from the left lane to the right lane and pulled off onto a side street.

    Next race, my wife was driving. By no means is she a fast driver. She just drives mainly to get from point A to B as safely as possible. But She was on the cell phone with me and I could hear this moron, so I told her to race him. It was "Joe Cool" sunglasses and all, in his Z28. He kept trying to inch forward at the light and she said he was a good 1/2 car over the line while she stayed back behind the line. At the green she gunned it without a launch and still pulled (in her terms) 2 cars on him. She said he was trying with all of his might to catch up but she stayed ahead of him. She shut down at 80mph and he did a flyby. She also said that it seemed like he would've caught up if they went any faster because of his topend power.
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    Good kills man my wife likes to race in my car too it makes me very nervous

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