Last night i raced an evo that had no muffler on. Turn out was, i had a great launch, i guess i amazed alot of people cause they came up to me and said how fast i took off. I kept up with the evo and in the end at around 80mph lost by about a car and a half.

My mods are AccessEcu Stage 1, txs uppipe, intake silencer removed, and a gfb bov. I had the bov set to 100% last night, its usually at 50/50, but i wanted some noise.

What im wondering is, do you think that if i had it set to 100% that it would have made a half to car length difference. I'm wondering if by having it set to 50/50 really slowed me up alot? I didn't feel any power loss, but couple tenths of a second arent really butt dyno feelable..