Ok, Im coming home around 12 and I see this car from behind swerving around people and eventually it catches up to me. I look over and its a newer Firebird im not sure what year but it looked like it had some kind of body kit. We're on a 2 lane road and theres a slow car in front of him so he swerves behind me and starts tailgating. Im in third and floor it. I get up on him alot and then let off. Next he comes up behind and changes lanes and pulls beside me again. Occasionally I would speed up or he would speed up but staying next to eachother. He eventually speeds up and is ahead of me by a car or two. There is a red light up ahead and I see him slow down I knew the light was going to change soon so I slow down put it in first and slowly roll to the light. I start reving around 4 and it turns green I slipped the clutch never saw him only heard lots of screeching I was gone.A ways down the road he comes up beside me, I look over and hes looking straight ahead and smiling. Later on the same road I see a newer Civic it had a type-r badge, stock exhaust and rims problably nothing else. Im side by side with it there are a couple of kids in it and the try to take off. HaHa. This was so funny it was a pretty much stock Civic(it was so slow) I barely tap the gas and pull right back up to them. Then drop down and floor it got a ways ahead of them and slowed down some more. Yea I felt like messing with them some more because it was so funny. Well theres my 2 races for the night.