WRX vs. Maxima SE
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This is a discussion on WRX vs. Maxima SE within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; I was coming back home today and was on Roswell Rd in Sandy Springs truning left onto Johnson Ferry. I ...

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    WRX vs. Maxima SE

    I was coming back home today and was on Roswell Rd in Sandy Springs truning left onto Johnson Ferry. I look in my rear view mirror and see this Maxima but something looked odd on it ... I finally figured it out, it has all thw white light covers and new big rims. There were 2 guys in the 2002+ Maxima SE and I was like humm ... I wonder if they're gonna try anything stupid. Well traffic finally lightens up and I make the left; I go immediately to the right lane as I always do because I know the left lane cuts off in about 75+ yards. I stay in 2nd and I watch my left side mirror and what do you know ... I see the Maxima swerve from behind me into the left lane. I waited for him to punch it which he did and so did I. I took it to red line in 2nd and switched to 3rd ( practice is good ). He got maybe to my spolier then ... ... well wasn't even near me. I looked back and he took his place. I sort of felt bad because I was being mean but it was fun though.
    My theory is "If you're gonna try to pass me, you better pass me." So I looked over to my left at the next light literally staring at them and they would even turn to look at me ... hehe. I rolled down my window still looking over and they still didn't wanna look at me. I sell the passenger talking to the driver probably saying something like "Dude I can't believe your 255hp SE couldn't beat a red car w/ a bike rack!" Well light turned green and I started going and they, being idiots to start w/ had to signal to get back into the right lane. I'm bad ... I know.

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    a co worker has been talking trash on his 02 maxima SE can beat me. I know he can from a 30mph punch. So time to get some mods.. hehe.

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    I always wanted to put those midget bikes on my wagon and race people.

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