WRX vs. T-BIRD? or FireBIRD?
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This is a discussion on WRX vs. T-BIRD? or FireBIRD? within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; Ok, I was going home from my friend's house from a long night of partying. Actually, the sun was rising ...

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    WRX vs. T-BIRD? or FireBIRD?

    Ok, I was going home from my friend's house from a long night of partying. Actually, the sun was rising so it was really late! Anyway, I see 3 birds parked in the middle of the street. I'm rolling towards a stop sign at about 30 mph. Two of the birds fly out of the way, but the other one just didn't move. I figured as I got closer to it, it'd move. But no!. I quickly stop my car and get out to investigate. The lifeless bird was stuck in my front air dam, squished up against my radiator. Saddened from the sight, I drove back to my friend's so he could get it out for me. He just couldn't stop laughing. I still can't believe it didn't fly out of the way. Oh well, I probably just helped the bird gene pool by getting rid of a stupid one.
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    LMAO. I had something similar happen to me not too long ago when I was driving down some back roads and a bird just sat there in the road and didnt move. I figured he would fly or run out of the way and I even moved over a bit to dodge him if he didnt. I look in the rearview after I passed where he was and all I saw were feathers. I didnt hear anything and I checked the car to make sure he wasnt stuck somewhere but he wasnt. I guess some birds are just dumb.

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    one week ago same damn thing haappen to me i hate birds
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    hahaha!! the other day I was out driving and this lady in front of me in a honda cr-v just SLAMS on her brakes for what seemed like no reason...she sits there, and I see her looking around and in her mirrors...then I see it...this big pigeon just walking around under the car! It walked around for a little bit...then finally came out under the side skirt and then flew away!! Stupid bird! I was lmfao.
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