On the way home, I noticed a 97-98 Mustang convertible with loud exhaust and shiny rims. Since I am not really familar with Mustangs, I do not know if it was GT or Cobra. On the back, it didn't have any COBRA or GT decal on it.... it just had "Mustang" on the rear bumper with twin exhaust pipes. On the side, it had some kind of decal but not "GT"

From the way it sounded, it probably has some kind of exhaust mods. Rims looked like the ones that come with 98 Cobra, but I am not 100% sure if it was Cobra or GT.

When we pulled up to the light, I was right behind him. When light turned green, he immediately stepped on the gas which made me to do the same. He was about two car lengths ahead right when my car hit the boost. We stayed like that up to 120mph. He probably thought that he could pull away from a 4 banger.... however, my car does sound like V8 with BPM GT TBE. I gave him thumbs-up when he stopped to make a left turn.