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This is a discussion on idiot celica drivers within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; That is some of the stupidest driving that I have ever seen. -Jim...

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    That is some of the stupidest driving that I have ever seen.


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    Originally posted by F22-Raptor
    I'm a bigger idiot for defending him.....Right. I said he was deemed an idiot. Then I said let it go. And I will post where I want since this is a free country. And lastly, as far as the car being slow, funny since this "slow" car will hand you your butt stock for stock up top. Say what you want, I own both cars so I am not biased towards either. I love them both and both have their uses. Try to be a little more open minded than I club or Club SI please.
    i already said my car was slower you *****ing dumba$$. Learn to read. If I dont like the subject i dont post just to get attention. would it make you feel better if I gave you a cookie? If id spend the 4-6k more to get a celica on my civic i could beat one.

    let me tell you a joke. I say, "knock knock." then you say, "who's there." i reply, "go ***** yourself!"
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    The second part of that was not directed at you.
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    I sincerely hope this guy gets turned into the cops and gets his car confiscated. That guy is the EPITOME of 'loser.' He has to take his car (slow or otherwise is irrelevant) on the streets and endanger a LOT of people. If you read the thread on where he 'boasts', he even mentions that he can do this night after night, and has been doing this for 5 years. I'm tempted to turn him in myself. What a loser. This thread is being locked down. Waste of time.
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