I had a couple quickies on my way home from golf league last night.

for the record, I am Prodrive st 2 right now minus the reflashed ECU(stock ECU in, new one Friday I hope!)

Anyway the first one was a new Accord coupe, I am pretty sure it was an auto, but he took off fairly quickly from a light and was about a car ahead when I decided to really see if he was going. I hit it hard in first and pulled only to his door, hit second shifting normally, and pulled about a car or so shutting down after that. Those cars are pretty quick.

The second was much more fun, late 70's early 80's 911 with updates (wheels, wing). With a right turn leading on to a freeway, he was in front of me stopped at the light. As soon as the light changed, he pins it hard around the turn I followed suit and by the end of second I was in his back seat. I shifted to third and pulled along side to pass him, but as soon as I got even he shut off hard. Oh well, it was fun.