Camaro talks **** and runs!!
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This is a discussion on Camaro talks **** and runs!! within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; I stopped at a gas station last night so my buddy could use the pay phone. There was a camaro ...

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    Camaro talks **** and runs!!

    I stopped at a gas station last night so my buddy could use the pay phone. There was a camaro getting gas. The hole time I was there I was considering trying to talk **** to get him to race. But, I didn't. Then they got in there car and the passanger said something about "POS honda or haundi or what ever" I was driving my stage 4 wrx and my buddy was in a 300zx(none turbo but camaro guy didn't know that) I yelled accross the lot "what'd you say" He then asked if I wanted to race as the driver burned out leaving the lot and left on the hight way. My buddy was still on the phone or I woulda chased him down then. I thought it was funny how the talked **** as they got in there car to leave and then when I accepted there challange they still ran off. Probably thinking they would have killed me.

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    Thats funny. Shoulda ****ing killed them! I hate cocky bastards like that. I think people sometimes underestimate our cars. Just gotta set em in their place!

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    Speaking of Camaros...toasted the living crap outta one today. He was waiting to pull onto my road so I revved at him when I went by. He pulled out quick, almost fishtailed, followed me around a turn and tried to keep me from coming out of long merge I introduced him to the tail lights...then dropped his ass.


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