This morning on my way to work, I had just pulled up to the light which exited on to the highway. Sitting in front of me was an LX 5.0 with a loud exhaust and rumble that was visibly vibrating his car. I decided to play with the guy to see what he'd do. I got right on his back bumper with the rpms up as we left the light. He took notice and with in a second or two had dropped it down and punched it. I was already in second at that time and followed suit.

The guy was probably pissed Not only could he not pull on the WRX, I was having to modulate the throttle at the top of 2nd gear to keep from hitting him at first. I had to change gears eventually and the same thing happend in 3rd. As soon as we were approaching the highway I just let off as there was no way to pass him without causing a hazard. Of course, though, he kept on it and continued to pull probably to 125mph or so while I let off at 100mph.

Poor guy probably didn't know what him