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This is a discussion on Honda 1, WRX 1, Pigeon 1 within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; The story begins a week before I got my WRX. I was riding with my friend in his Honda when ...

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    Cool Honda 1, WRX 1, Pigeon 1

    The story begins a week before I got my WRX. I was riding with my friend in his Honda when a pigeon came from the side at a rapid rate of descent and bit the dust on the Honda's radiator. What a noble creature, giving its life in an attempt to put the Honda out of commission. Honda 1, pigeon 0.

    Well, the pigeon's sacrifice didn't go in vain. By some act of crazy voodoo, the Honda had trouble starting from that day on. That meant that it was my turn to return the favor and drive my friend around. Anywho, one day I was driving this friend home and I was doing my usual 5-10 mph over when I see a pigeon on a kamikaze mission heading straight for my hood scoop. This was the same spot where the first pigeon became acquainted with the Honda. Our eyes connected and fear struck the pigeon. It took another good look at the sharp looking overhang of the 04 scoop that it was about to be engulfed in and the bugs that have met their demise on my intercooler. At the last second, the pigeon decided it wasn't worth it and just missed the edge of the scoop. Honda 1, WRX 1, pigeon 0.

    Of course it couldn't let me off the hook. I was transporting the killer of its relative. It made another pass and dropped its payload on my windshield. Honda 1, WRX 1, pigeon 1.

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    HAHA...that was very entertaining Crazy pigeons

    Floats like a butterfly and stings like when I pee!

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    pigeons these days are fearless. I have to honk for them to move.

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    That's great...didn't know what to expect, given the title of the thread.


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