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Stock WRX's

There have been so many great quotes in the last 15 or so posts, like:

"As for what I like......basically anybody who thinks their car is faster than it is...."

"But my other favorite type of race is ANYONE who just has an attitude that they think they will destroy me or completely underestimate my car "

"The car doesn't matter as much as the driver. If the driver is an ass hole that thinks he's fast, then the kill is much sweeter."

And sadly, the observation of the phenomenon of "american rice." Goddammit Detroit, this is what happens when you stop realistically competing (minus Vettes, Vipers, V8 Mustangs, and even the SRT-4) in the performance market: people think their Cavalier, Sunfire, Neon, Focus, or V6 Mustang is a racecar that just needs the stickers/wings/half-painted bodykit/rice lights/fart muffler to be a real "performance" car.

LOL, great thread