I was on a very curvy road minding my bussness when a white gsr 94-00 was right on my rear view. So i take the curves sorta quick then we come to a very long straight away over a 1/4 long. im in 3rd at 3k and traffic clears. I drop the hammer and let 3rd gear clime while the grs drops it in 2nd and then 3rd. he was keeping up with me untill he hit his 3rd gear. i pulled like 4 or more car lengths at 3rd gear redline. Then we immediatly slowed down because of traffic. Then at the stop we talked. We were both impressed with each others cars. The grs had intake exaust and alota suspension work, who knows what eles. I had 2 people in the car, he had 1. It was a fun race, then the next day a older lexus sc, i dunno if its 8 or 6 cyl version, i was in 3rd gear when he downsshiftes behind me and is gaining fast so i drop the hammer in 3rd and its not enough so i downshift 2 second and pull away like 1car length. Pretty fun, b/c the guy in the lexus though he was all cool, i slowed down to see the look at his face after he got beat by a sedan it was to classic he was dumb founded.