MY friend adam and me were cruising westhiemer in houston saturday night and we came across this silver wrx. We decided to play with him just to see how fast it was. Ok my friends 300 has new rods and pistons and t600 turbos and the jim wolf technologies chip, he also has a boost controller and a catback exhaust, runs high 11's low 12's on street tires. Adam had the boost controller on his low setting, i think the duty cycle is about 11% lower at this setting. Anyway we pull up next to him and he immediately dropped a gear so adam dropped to 2nd also, we were only doing about 20 at this point. both cars take off and it is completely even until we have to brake because of traffic in front of us, we were surprised. the wrx pulled up and he yelled adam's name, somehow he knew adam but adam couldn't remember who the driver of the wrx was. we decided to race from a stop at the next light. so we let the cars in front of us go and we took off, pretty even through first we pulled very little, then we popped second and it was over we had about 2 1/2 cars almost immediately. it was a good race though, we were impressed. Never got to pull off anywhere and actually talk to the guy though so not to sure what he had.