Yes its true as BalckWRX said. That Syclone KILLED us. I, to this day, have never seen anything move like that.... Well, maybe the 03 Cobra was faster BUT NOT OFF THE LINE!

The Syclone made MONSTER TORQUE. They were around 370 ft lbs stock and WELL OVER 450 ft lbs with ONLY A CHIP!!!! WOW!

That the thing, you put some mods on that truck and you can put down a LOT of power. Its basically 3/4 of a chevy small block! They just cut off the rear 2 cylinders to make a V6.

AWD in combo with its Torque made the truck UNBEATABLE 0-60 and 0-100 modded. Punch that sucker and hold on TIGHT cause with all 4 wheels spinning they are tough to handle sometimes. They react very differently.

LOVE to own one! They still bring over $20K if in excellent condition.