350Z v WRX (VS0)
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    350Z v WRX (VS0)

    Will a stock 350z hand me my ass with a Vishnu Stage 0 (pulley, uppipe, IC hoses and reflash) from a roll?

    A friend of a friend is talking much ish, which I so far have taken. But if I can win, then well, with the size of his ego I may be at Vishnu Stage 1 or something.

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    you should be good with a VS0, even from a roll. it should be close though. race him and find out is what i say
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    you should pull from a roll. do a search for "350Z" or something like that to find other races that people have posted, i know i remember reading (and posting) some. you wont massacre him, but expect to slowly put a couple carlengths on him from a roll, as long as you arent starting from a real high speed.
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    350z kill

    I recently took a 350z on Route 1 coming off of 76. We were lined up at the 3rd or 4th light on router 1 north and ran until the light before Adams Ave. He rolled his window down and suggested we run until "you finally give up".
    I fell for it, and couldn't let him get away with that sarcastic comment. So I rev'd it and slipped the clutch perfectly and had him by a car length in 2nd gear. I lost half a length by 3rd but it's probably a 2 mile stretch and it ended with me winning by 1/2 car.
    After that win I took her home and gave her a good washing and rubbed her down with some polish and wax!
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    In my brother's WRX wagon, we were able to spank a 350Z, no problem. AWD is a wonderful thing...


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    i beat one froma stoplight to about 110 or so... but from a 35-40 mph roll on it was dead even.
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    You should be fine w/ a Stage 0 ... a STI and I were just coming back from having some fun and I also had another passenger w/ me. We went off the line but I did NOT launch. He was 1/2 a car ahead of me and then 4K came around and I pull on him enough that both me and the STI which was right behind me passed him. He looked stupid when both cars passed him and we were in a line. I'm running a Stage 2 and the STI was just picked up that same morning.
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    can i beat a 350z with an uppipe and mbc?
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    I beat a 350z with just a gutted uppipe and 3" custom turbo-back.

    See the video HERE.
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    Come up here, 6k Alt, a stock rex will slaughter a 350Z.Some N/A cars seem to suffer more than others. The 350's run around 15.7 stock, There is one guy with a track model, CAI, Headers, and full Exhaust and the best I have seen him pull is a 15.3. Heck, my Cooper S with crappy runflats and an open front end can run equal 1/4 mile times to a stock 350 while pulling 6mph faster traps. Beautiful cars, too bad they die at altitude.
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