It was great, I was on my long ass trip to work 85 miles one way and just passs Ann Arbor MI I run up on a Blue Rex. It was new with temp tag and all, and I must admit that factory tail is a nice piece. Well anyway he sees me and decides to pull so I concured and followed him. He had some type of aftermarket pipe, looked like an apex or something. He bunned in into the right lane and black smoke started flying. I thought maybe he has a boost controller since he seemed to be fishing with something on the passenger side before he launched. Well on with it. Surprisingly I kept up with him like it weas nothing at all I even felt like I was starting to pull him in when he let off.
He jumped on it agian and I followed almost through the back of a semi so I stopped playin after that.
Maybe he still needs a breakin or something because all I have is a K&N filter. I passed him later on route and we gave the thumbs up and split.
His car looked nice and It is awesome to see another one rolling along. They are very rare around these parts which is great because you really never see yourself coming and going.