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    Raced a S4

    I am sitting there at a light ready to turn left and I see a silver S4 pass by. When the light turns green I catch up with him and proceed to pull up next to him but to no avail. He was running in and out of traffic too quick for me to follow. I thought that I had lost him when he got stuck behind an ambulance getting on the interstate. We both got off on the same exit and then the fun began. I was in the middle of second gear and we both took off. By the time I was at the top of third I was about 2-3 car lengths ahead. I do give the S4 credit because at higher speeds it wasnt really loosing too much ground. It looked faster than the 2001 Mustang GT I ran with exhaust and intake. However on the way back home I did notice that my car wasnt boosting to the normal 16.5 psi that it usaully does, it was only boosting to around 15-15.5. I dont know if its the rainy weather (monsoon like weather) or if my turbo is giving out (god I hope not), or what?? Anyway just thought i would share this race with you.

    EDIT: Oh yeah, my mods are a vishnu stage zero, decatted DP.
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    Nice kill!

    If I were to take an educated guess, I would say it's weather.
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    it's been raining NONSTOP here, and my turbo has been boosting a little low as well
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