Annoying C320 Sportwagon...
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    Annoying C320 Sportwagon...

    So I was loaping up a hill in 5th gear behind a line of cars on a 2 lane road minding my own business when I decided that the SUV in front of me was WAY too slow.

    I shift into the left lane to initate a pass then all of the sudden I see this C320 sportwagon get right up on my ass and start flashing his brites at me. I think nothing of it and I resume my normal speed passing the line of cars in the right lane lined up at the exit. I slowly shift over to the right to let the guy pass me.

    This guy is still right up against my tail flashing his blinkers a me Im thinking to my self is this guy kidding me? Is he mad at me for making him wait a whole 2 minutes? Mind you he has PLENTY of room to pass me on the left.

    A few seconds later he zooms past me giving me a dirty look. I get a little annoyed so I drop her into 3rd speed up and drive paralell with him. All of the sudden i hear him gun the motor I do the same. I make up the 1 car jump he had on me and pull 3 more cars through 3rd. I wind out fourth and he is buslengths behind me.

    Then I decide to reward him for his utmost patience by making it to the 1 lane merge first 1000 feet ahead and obeying the speed limit all the way to my destination.

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    i hate yuppy-****head mb drivers too. lol

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