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This is a discussion on Reasons for S4 ground superiority within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; you calling me a jackass. I never brag about my car on this forum. Ask anybody here. Trust me, I ...

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    you calling me a jackass. I never brag about my car on this forum. Ask anybody here. Trust me, I am quite capable of handling my ride, I should be after all the performance driving courses i have done. The reason I let loose a bit was because of the extreme situation which developed in that thread, and you needed to be put in your place. The mere fact that you think that you are unbeatable is laughable, I don't even think I am unbeatable and I know there is something faster that me out there. I just haven't faced it yet. I see you dont want to race anymore. haha. I think it would be best for everyone if you and your mates that crashed our normally very productive forum just left, and go to a S2000 forum and start breaking their balls about how your car is better.

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    I also tried to WOT at about 35miles at 4th gear (which is the normal gear to use for most manual cars at that speed for cruising) and the car doesn't even respond until about 2 secs later

    is this your first time driving stick? in my 91 corrola, i went into 4th gear at 60. i'm in 4th gear to 110 sometimes in the rex. 35? what were you at? 900 rpms? don't be stupid.

    Hey Dark_Rex,

    Seriously, are you highly Retarded?

    Does your Rex stay at 900 rpm only when u r driving at 35mph on 4th, because if it is, arr....... I think that's actually 8th Gear............

    and You said: 'I'm in 4th gear to 110 sometimes in the rex'

    So Dark_Rex, when you DO need to cruise behind traffic at 35mph sometimes, which of course you will, do you always stay in 1st gear only?
    Well, according to your dumbass theory people who do 35mph SOMETIMES in 1st gear is always going to be doing that..... That will be most of us.

    'don't be stupid' ??? Sorry, I think you must be the most contradictive person I have read on this forum.

    By the way, even if it was anyone's 1st time driving a stick, it doesn't mean anything. I think everyone will have a Learning Curve that has a gradient of at least 100 times compared to yours. And on the side just for you dumbass to know, NO, its not my 1st time driving a stick...... and NO, I can't do 110mph on my 4th gear, because I have a closer ratio 6 speed gear set on my Silvia. I need 5th to do that.
    Your gear ratios are a bit longer, if you don't understand (I hope I am teaching u something new, son.)
    "S15 Silvia - Are you enjoying the view from the side?"

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    alright, this is getting out of hand. no name calling here, k? we're here to talk about the cars, first and foremost, and we dont need to be calling ppl jackasses for what they say.

    i think we can all recognize the differences between the s4 and wrx - 2 different cars which, really, have different traits to them that make each desirable.

    i think this thread has been killed. lets all be friends . and if you want to prove how good you are, show us a timeslip.

    wrx vs s4? each their own

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