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    This was before i had done anything to my car. Im on rt.20 doing a little over the speed limit, and this car speeds up past me and i look over and its a silver wrx exactly as mine,so i speed up and we nod heads and smiled.We eventually came to a light and we roll down our windows, he ask's when did i get it and if i had done anything to it yet i said a few months ago and no.

    I wasn't really paying attention to the light but i looked and it just turned green, i looked over, heard reving,and he was gone (it was cool to see what it looks like when a wrx launches,cause ive never seen a wrx launch cause im always in it)it was also raining a little so his tires spun and then they just gripped and took off very cool to see.So i reved to about 4.5 and launched i went after him but he was already way up there eventually i did meet up with him again at another light.he smiles at me.

    I remembered from the first light that he would wait for the green,rev,and then go.So if figured he'd do the same thing again.light turns green instead of launching i just reved to about 3,000rpm slipped it and then floored,meanwhile the guy in the other wrx is still reving(dont know why) then i hear the wheel spin and here he comes he caught up a little but he stayed back 2-3 cars the whole way until i hit 110 and cut it,speed limit was 40 i think.I slow down and there he goes still at it.

    This was problably one of my most fun races,just cause it was my own car i was racing.
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    Even though the car handles like a champ, just be careful when it's a little wet because anything can happen. Nice race btw!

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