This one is so lame it cant even be called a kill. So I was driving around minding my own business and I came up behind an old Omni turbo. This guy saw me come up behind him at a light, and was revving his car like he was John Force himself. We turn onto the same road and he keeps revving, trying to get my attention. We come to the same light and he looks at me, revving like crazy. I smirk a bit and nod my head in approval. The light turns and we both hit it and I immediately take about 3 lengths on him. We stop at the next light together and he asks if I have a lot of after-market. With a sly grin, nope just a Cat-Back He responded with "Damn thats a nice car" My only reply "Yup" Then he took off on the light I guess thinking I would race again off-guard. I thought for a second about taking him again but I felt it a waste of my time and effort and let him go. Fun Stuff.