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This is a discussion on Blocked the flyby within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; Driving back from playing cards last night, I was doing around 75-80 on the tollway when I passed a Civic. ...

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    Blocked the flyby

    Driving back from playing cards last night, I was doing around 75-80 on the tollway when I passed a Civic. It had a nice ricer thing going, with dual exhaust tips (one on each side of the rear bumper, like a V-8) and an underbody neon kit. As I passed him, I noticed a huge blue tach with a shift light. I groaned inwardly, knowing it was inveitable that this guy wouldn't let me pass without a challenge.

    Sure enough he immediately caught up to me. I slowed down a little so we were both going 60 or so. He punched it first, so I floored it in 3rd. It was over before it started, I pulled all over him and he shut down. I began to slow down, when I noticed him coming up fast on my right side. He had floored it from way back and was planning on giving me a serious fly by So I dropped it back into 3rd and punched it right as he was almost to my back bumper. He managed to pass me but I immediately reeled him back in and passed him (again). He shut down again and hung back 3-4 car lengths, refusing to come up even with me even when I slowed down to 60 or so. I guess he didn't like having his show of force stolen
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    *7/22/04 - Now with 2.5 Sti engine, still in break in so no times*

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    hahah awesome Be careful when people do that though, stupid ricers

    Funny story.. first time I raced an Evolution, I was on the highway and I come up next to one doing about 50mph, I was in 3rd gear. I punch it and so does he but I pull away from him by the end of the gear and he lets off.. Feeling good about myself then i slowed down to the speed limit and was going to give him a thumbs up, when all of a sudden he does a ricer flyby doing like 100mph Pointless..

    Then out of nowhere, an Lancer OZ rally edition also does a flyby, but with his hazards on!hehehe That made me laugh though..don't know where that guy came from.

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    Thank you for denying the fly-by, excellent work.
    '04 BMW 325ci

    But I still have plenty of love for Subaru.

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