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This is a discussion on 03 Cobra kill (TKO) within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; Originally posted by Master Of Pain Alot of mixed responses here. (T3) - and where did in my inital post ...

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    Originally posted by Master Of Pain
    Alot of mixed responses here. (T3) - and where did in my inital post did I ever say that I broke the speed limit? Do you know what the speed limit is on this particular road, if there is one? You assume much.

    I didn't destroy his vehicle, he did. And Mr T3 seems to fall under the stereotype that I have observed with the Cobra crowd.

    I think the displeasure stems from the fact that this was a DRIVERS skill contest that involved car handling and not a DRAG race. Novel concept!

    Not sure who's Dumb and who's Dumber here??

    Guy that wrecks his car or a guy that was PART of the race AND comes to a forum to brag and rub salt in another person wound.

    Cobra, WRX, Viper, Neon, Pinto... Does not matter what you drive we are all still people... One of you could have killed a family or a child.

    2 cars going at it for a few soconds while no one's around is one thing. Street racing in the city and around corners is another.

    You egged him on and YOU were PART of the whole thing. Becuase YOU did not crash does NOT make you smarter... Dumbass...

    You REALLY need to grow up...

    I would say this regardless of what I drive.

    In MOST cases peoples handle or name in a forum is just a name. In your case "Master of Pain" tells me a little about your mental state. Your level of awareness.

    He's a kid.

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    Ok this is being locked. It was a pretty uncomfortable read, and it's not going to get any better.

    Let this be a (yet another) lesson to us ALL.

    2010 SSM STI

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