Last night, on a cop quota night (closing into the end the month, all of the cops run around grabbing anyone for anything, whether it be 2mph over or even a fast take off... anything to get the city revenue up) myself and my wife and one of our friends were out cruising in the Rex for the first time after finishing the 'break-in'. Anyways, the night was very slow, just people passing through going to Mammoth and not much action at all, so we decide to just screw with people instead. We pulled up next to two very disgruntled looking granola eaters in a beater 80s Accord that thought they were cool with their long dreads and falling apart car so they start revving at me and I just laughed and revved back. I looked ahead in the coming lane and there was a cop so I just revved and then when the light went green the Accord took off as fast as a stock Duh can be expected to (but still made it to around 50mph in a 25 zone by the time they passed the cops) and I launched like a snail and watched, laughing my ass off as the cop pulled the Accord and made their day that much worse, I can only imagine what their excuse was.