We we finally got my little brother's H22A swap done in his '95 Accord. We did it ourselves and let me tell you, quite an adventure, not as easy as everyone says it is. Well we did the auto-->manual swap as well. Anyways he has i/h/e and we did some runs from a roll (he needs a new clutch, should have done it while we were doing the swap but didn't have the extra $400. It is not slipping badly during everyday driving, but launching the car in VTEC and it slips like a mofo. Besides from a dig it would be an massacre anyways.)

Well anyways we did some highway roll ons from third gear to approx~120. All I have is a catback (I have uppipe I need to install, and will be orderind a downpipe soon). I was really quite impressed with his car. I would only pull 2 car lengths or so the whole time. It was really fun. And I love driving his car, not better then the Subie just a different feel then the WRX. All his power is in the high ranges of the tach so it is kinda different. We tried a second gear run and I pulled 2.5~3 cars.

Well after we went home a let the cars cool down and grab something to eat. My good friend came by with his stock 2002 GTI 1.8T (the 180 hp one), and he wanted to see what my brothers car would do, so we took it back out and ran them from second gear several times. Well they were dead even, my friend would jump half a car (since we went on his move), and we would stay there until fourth, where the Accord would start to reel him in, by the top of fourth the nose of the Accord would be out in front of the GTI and then smack.......a damn governor at 120.......in 4th......just as my brothers car was taking over.....gotta fix that. Well either way it was fun, just thought I would share.