Seen the guy riding around before and finally got a light with him. I know he has a Injen intake and i think that was it. Light goes green and i get a car and half jump off the line, hit second and pull another car and half by the end of second. Third comes around and im still pulling barely for part of third and then he starts coming up on me, get into fourth and he’s a car back caring a good amount of speed with him, i managed to hold him off till around 90. After he passed me i let off, he would have put multiple car length on me and then some after that. Pulled beside him and he told me he was having traction problems, I told him I was having top-end problems. He was cool, told him it wasn’t a turbo and he complemented it. Was a good race and is the second GST I’ve beaten; defining beating him as through 1/4mile which is around 87mph for me.