I went around tonight actually looking for cars that are faster than me because I'm getting a UTEC on Tuesday. Anyhow I didn't find any. I did, however destroy the following:

1. Honda CRX with farty can. I didn't even want to race this guy but he actualy made a U-turn to follow me and get some. He got some.
2. Mercury Cougar with farty can. This car was loud as hell (which means it's fast right? ) . Any how, I think it was an auto and it was driven by a woman in her 30's. She reved at me at a light as if to get some. She got some.
3. Acura Integra with no mods as far as I could tell. Don't know if it was R-type or not. I raced him twice. The second time I didn't launch because I wanted to see how quick it was. Without my launch he got a brief jump but fell behind by the start of second. I rolled down my window at the next light and all he said was, "Your car is fast." um, yep. Then we saw a cop.

That is all. Nothing too exciting.

BTW, in case anyone asks my current mods are:
Uppipe, downpipe with high-flow cat, stainless steel brake lines.
getting UTEC and dyno-tune on Tuesday. Can't wait...