Well it all started as a normal day after school, get out of the parking lot but had to stop at the lights because it was red (of course) and in my rear view mirror i see a blue wrx like mine pull around (to my surprise not a lot of people have rexs) but its a wagon so i roll down my window to comment the guy on such a great purchase, and to my surprise he asks me if i want to run on green naturally i accepted.. boom green hits and we both gun it we are about dead even until about fourth when i get a car length on him and thats how it ended... so at the next light he pulls up once again to thank me for a great race.. which shocked me because most people are a holes when they lose .. all in all it was a good experience

by the way my buddies all on the same block got : honda del sol (motor swap) Acura integra type r, civic si, mitsu gsx and gst, lexus is 300, and celica gt and mustang gt but i smoke them every time which makes me happy just thought id let youall know