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This is a discussion on lancer evos at local dealer(pics) within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; Do you think that the 04 WRXs are going to be marked up? Or will they be priced the way ...

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    Do you think that the 04 WRXs are going to be marked up? Or will they be priced the way they should be?

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    I think they will sell at or below MSRP. It seems that the introduction of the STi has removed many die hard enthusiasts from the list of people buying WRX's. In looking at pricing around here what has happened is that sedan prices have plummeted, while wagon prices haven't. I would have to guess this is because anyone who wanted a wagon wouldn't be able to go the STi route, while many desiring a sedan will wait for an STi. The only winner out of this whole Evo and STi thing is the WRX wagon since it's the only game in town if you want 5 doors.

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    Price is never a good argument. If you want to argue price, then just go buy a 1st gen DSM for around 3 grand or less. Put 7 grand into it and blow the doors off of most or all WRX's. People will buy what they WANT. If price matters that much, then it means you are overextending yourself and need to save more money or go a cheaper route.

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    I agree with 2003WRX. They are not very comparible in price. I just bought my WRX 2 days ago, and I looked into a EVO before hand. The MSRP of an EVO is $28,900 or so. While that price made me go out and take a look at it, the sticker prices on EVO's are around $33,000+, here in Cincinnati. In Cali, I talked to a friend, he said they were selling for $37,000+. Not to mention the "optional" CF spoiler, in which the majority buying the car will get.

    The WRX's sticker price was $24,072 here in Cincy (before destination). That's a minumum of $6,000 - when you figure it actual sticker prices (depending on where you live) it could be up to $10,000 or more for the EVO.

    I think both cars are phat. I like the WRX look better, personally, and the $6,000 lower sticker price to save for mods, etc.

    Just my $0.02
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    The people that work there are, for the most part, retards. I used to work there.

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