Well I went out to the track yesterday for test and tune. My first race was against a ford lightning. I had a really bad launch, I got a 2.4 60' but still won by like .8. Next race was against a vette, I had him at the 60' mark,and at 330'. But he passed me at the 1/8 and kept on going. Then I raced a Chavell 396 SS I hung with him for the 1/8 but he got my by about .5. I then killed a cogur. After that I smoked a mustang cobra. Then I raced some car with big ass slicks, it was really loud to. I thought he was going to hand me my ass, he didn't. lol. Then I raced a modded 5.0. He ran about .7 faster than me but I hung with him pretty good because I pulled a .515 light to his .9xx. A few good kill for the wrx. I think I got a few of the hot rod guys attention. I was only running 13.80's too. Next week I hope for 12.80's