Blown Stang vs XS Stage 4
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    Blown Stang vs XS Stage 4

    I've been trying to race this guy for weeks. He drives an early model 1992 ish Mustang LX with all the usual bolt ons plus a supercharger. He works a body shop/performance shop so I know his car is fast. I see him about twice a week or so on the streets. Everytime I see him he is haulling butt and I don' t get a chance to race him.
    Well today, I see him up front at a light. He is 2 cars in front of me. When the light turns green he takes off. I can hear his exhaust as he speeds down the street. I have a van in front of me and the van moves over to let me pass. Now I have open road. I eventually catch up to him and get behind him. We are both in the turn lane to take the exit. Well when we both make the turn I notice he is holding back. (waiting for me). So I slowly start to move up along side of him (25mph or so) and he nails it. He gets about 2 car lengths on me because I'm in 2nd gear waiting for my revs/boost to build. As soon as my boost builds in the top of 2nd gear I start to slowly reel him in. I shift into 3rd gear and I'm right on his bumper. Through 3 rd gear I slowly walk by him. I shift into 4th gear (100mph ish) and hes about 1-2 cars behind me. I hit 110-120mph and he's still about 2 cars behind me and he gives up.
    All I can say is his Mustang was fast. I only beat him by 1-2 cars from 25mph - 110mph race. I've beaten LS1 Vettes easier than his Mustang.

    Great race and good competition. If I see him again I'm going to ask him what it runs in the 1/4 mile. With slicks I'm sure he can run high 12s - low 13s for sure.

    I did give him a smile and wave after the race but he didn't seem to respond. Mad maybe.
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    You need to race a lightly modded 03 Cobra. I think you might get hammered... By about 5+ cars...

    Dont race one from a 25 MPH roll. It might be more like 10 cars. Go from a stop or even a 5 MPH roll. Then you have at least a chance of hanging for maybe 5 seconds. Unless they know how to drive the Cobra.

    I am itching to race a stage4 wrx.

    Good luck. I'm sure you shocked that Stang owner. He *thought* he was bad. And perhaps rightly so. But you snagged him!

    I get as much kick when I am trying to get around the Z06's. They just cant believe a *MUSTANG* is taking them....
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    I think this shows that a modded WRX does pretty well at higher speeds or from a roll. Granted, he has a TXS4 setup, but lesser upgrades really pick things up at higher speeds over stock, IMO. The Rex isn't a total highway dog with a few goodies thrown on!

    My car does pretty well from about 75-110 or so, and I know a massaged WRX will walk me up there.
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    A turbo swap makes a big difference for WRX's at highway speeds. The stock turbo just can't keep up at higher speeds, but with a turbo upgrade we can pull pretty good up higher.
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