Yes, last night I was feeling better. I was going home with my Wife again. And this guy in front of us had a pretty sweet drag racing car. I'm sorry guys, I'm not that familiar with older American cars. It had huge fat tires in the back and pretty big ones in the front. Orange color. Looked like a very old Camaro, but it was so narrow. Anybody knows what I'm talking about? I have no idea what it was, but a V8 in it, loud. He pulled in the right lane to let me go and we stopped at the light. My Wife rolled down her window and told him "What's up, buddy!"(wow, my Wife is pretty cool about me racing down the street.. mental note for later...) and he asked us if our car is "that fast". So it's on. The light turns green and I did a good start, not the best but good one. In first gear I'm half ahead, his tires were spinning, then I had to move left quick since a car was in my lane and we keep pushing and shut down real quick in 4 th gear... he had to slow down before me because of traffic. He pulls next to us and he was pretty cool about it and told us we were "actually fast". So I felt better after what happened to me with that Infiniti the day before.
(I will let you guys know what kind of car it was if I can find a similar one and ask)