Two races I lost, but knew I would....
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    Two races I lost, but knew I would....

    So i pull up to a stop sign and see a silver Viper GTS , I figure why not. So I rev it once and the guy looks over and mashes the thing I remember thinking is "I didn't know the viper emblem on the back lit up as a brake light"

    Another one from a light I knew I would lose...SL 55..I had him for the first 3 feet maybe

    Anyway, I was stock then...just got a TXS stealthback with stromung tip. Soon to put in a gutted uppipe, then the COBB AcessECU... Can't wait...

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    That is some funny stuff right there. At least you took it well. Everyone picks races that they know they can't win just to say they raced that type a car. At least I do?

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    The viper emblem lights up!

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    Good stuff.

    Speaking of mismatched races, I was tooling around in traffic a week ago in a nice part of Phoenix when a new SL55 AMG gets close behind me, revving, then jumps over a lane next to me. At this point, I can see daddy threw junior the keys for the night, or this is some spoiled little trust fund baby. This guy is next to me revving and lurching back and forth and then he just launches the thing! As if I would try to race him! He had small pecker syndrome, I suppose. Hmm, my NA 1.8L with dorky hubcaps vs. a 515 lb./ft. animal? Some people...

    Well, at least the car was cool, and quite fast.
    "Did you sleep well?"
    "No, I made a couple of mistakes."
    -- Steven Wright

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