WRX vs 94 civic hatch
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    WRX vs 94 civic hatch

    Wondering who would win?

    My car wrx with a vishnu stage zero ( MBC set to 15.5, up-pipe, pulley, chip, intercooler hoses). This setup is good for mid to high 13's vs. my friend, who has an early 90's hatch ( the small one with smaller lights) and his mods are b18a block, gsr head, spoon balanced pistons, spoon programed ecu, type r tranny, dc headers, test pipe and gutted the interior.
    I rode in it and its pretty quick but after I install my stuff I dunno outcome...Gonna race this weekend and I put my stuff in thursday.

    I think from a stop I will beat him but from a... oh lets say 30 mph roll I think it will be a lot closer

    What do you guys think
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    Not sure. When I was stock I raced a guy in a 90's hatch like the one you described and it was close but I pulled on it mildly. I don't know what kind of mods he had but he even had a passenger in the his car and it was much quicker than just a standard B16 single cam Honda. At the time I was thinking a B18 GSR motor transplant.

    So, if that was the case, I would think that you will be ahead from a roll with the MBC turned to 16psi anf the other stuff that you mentioned. Just run it to redline and shift.
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    actually, b16a is a dual cam, the d16y are single cam...

    either way, stock scoobies will run away from both b16 and d16.

    the b18a with gsr head is basically a poor man's type r in a small hatch, probably good for a low to mid 13 second time slip (probably better since he is gutted now with decent mods, and those hatch only weights like 2200 pounds from factory).

    from stop until 70-80, you should win, if you pull a good launch, but after that, it's going to slowly get away from you, espeically with the gearing on his type r tranny...

    from a 30 roll, i dunno, u might lose....

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    It could be close depending on both your skills...but if i were you i wouldent put any money on it.

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