didn`t think i`d ever be *making* a thread in here but tonight i ran into some kid thinking his accord was bad (more power doesn`t always mean you win )

anyways,on to the story

theres a redlight sitting on a slight incline where i always seem to get cars wanting to race me...up hill...

well having no muffler makes things pretty loud,and there was a cop sitting right next to the light waiting for someone to blow by,so i take it easy and shift pretty early so not to cause much of a commotion...wait till i get up the hill in third gear,around 3500rpm,it gets pretty loud,that means you want to race

accord boy starts trying to go by and i decide i`m in the mood to play so i step on it...get up to about 80 and then go back to the speed limit (55),he blows by and keeps a few cars ahead of me...we`re comming up to a red light with a nice straight ahead,and i`m thinking "of all the times i want to catch this light red,i probly won`t...but it must be my lucky day,and we both catch it red. i`m sitting there looking at the other lights waiting for them to turn yellow cause i know hes gonna try something...i start off normally,shift around 2500-3000 into second,see him start pulling up beside me and get a little infront of my front wheel...lets just say 95 came up REAL quick,with about 5-6 car lenghts between me and accord boy,so i let off and slow back down to go on about my buisness and what do you know? accord boy comes blowing by,gets about a half a car length ahead and pulls into my lane and slows down to the speed limit.

well thats my story

(NOTE: this was done on very straight roads,with no cars around except going the other way (4 lane road with a turn lane in the middle),i do not condem street racing,or doing high speeds on public roads,this story is strictly for entertainment purposes.thank you,have a nice day)

-The Management