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This is a discussion on Forum Guidelines *UPDATED 2-20-04* within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; Aloha All, The description of this forum pretty much says it all: How does the WRX stack up to the ...

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    Forum Guidelines *UPDATED 2-20-2004*

    Aloha All,

    The description of this forum pretty much says it all:

    How does the WRX stack up to the competition? Talk about the numbers and technical details or post stories about everyday encounters with other street monsters.
    This forum is intended to be a friendly place to discuss the merits of our vehicle vs. those of it's competition.

    Please note that I only ask that forum contributors respect one another.

    Statement of opinion or fact is 100% supported.

    Denegrating other members, insults, disrespect, etc. are absolutely unacceptable.

    Threads in here tend to wind down and "fray" after they have run their course and will be closed unless further on-topic material is posted.

    Lastly, have fun everybody and be careful out there!


    There has been an influx of what I define as 'trolling' with people from other boards coming onto ClubWRX to try and goad members into flame-fights. This is NOT going to be tolerated any further. You have been warned.

    ****UPDATE 2/20/2004****

    Alright guys. Another warning. I'm seeing an ever increasing number of board members posting videos that really should not be posted, along with snarky and mean comments alongside. This had got to stop, or bans will be handed out. This forum is meant for people of all ages. Remember that.
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    good points
    2003 SRT-4

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    no more race videos at all??
    The Ghosts of Zooph and Sarcasmo Will haunt CLUBWRX forever!!!

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    Can I draw still frames and have you scroll down really fast????

    I'm kidding man, we shouldn't post Vid's period, as it is illegal to streetrace, and sets a bad example for those who have yet to reach mature adulthood.

    Furthermore, I don't feel like being guilt tripped by some activist whose child died trying to immitate what some idiot posted on a web site. Be smart, be safe.

    I recently crashed into a parked car, .... yes it was parked.... go ahead and laugh.... but I wasn't racing, nor speeding. Simply not paying attention as my mind was wandering off, had a rough day and just finished an argument with the GF, but the cop didn't believe me. Wrote me off as another ricer aka 99 cent imitation racecar driver.

    Let's not promote that stereotype.
    Those fools, EVO vs. STi??? That's like comparing ....wait a minute...there's no comparison. The Suby's still working!!! The evo...well... I hope he got the extended warranty.

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