Ok, I dont have any of these two cars. i personally Love Subaru and esp STI. However, the another day i ran into two guys at school debating over the following issue.---- (STOCK VS STOCK) ------STI 2007 has 293 hp with 290 trq. 350Z has 306 hp 268 trq(2007 and + HR engine red line 7500).I do know that STIs are THE best from start, and have extremely good launch. But two good dirvers driving each one. what do you think the result would be. I know there will the alot of bias oppinions, but if you can be objective just face the reality . Thanks

--- This is the old thread i posted couple days ago, however everybody discouraged me from "magazine races " . anyway, the another day the two dudes that had the debate resolved it. one of them has a 350Z 2007 that has just passed the brake in period of 5000 miles( according to the dealership) , the another guy's cousin who owns an STI '06 agreed to try out the new Z. This happed in a secluded area near Tacoma Washington. It is an industrial zone that is pretty much empty after 11 pm. Both cars are bone stock besides the Z that has 19 inch rims and 285/35 size rear tires. They did a dead start - where the STI slowly accelerated on the Z ( not as much as the owner said it did no a 2003 he race on a race track) however, by 100 mph the Z was next to the rear door of the STI. From roll 60 and 80 is driver's race. in conclusion both cars are equal right now. one substantial difference - Z too expencive to modify, STI - not everybody knows hot to drive AWD. So beautiful cars and i saw something interesting after the race that Z and STI drivers can be friends )))))))