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This is a discussion on Toyota Celica TRD? within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; Originally posted by RNN14 No I am referring to the model that came after that one. It had much better ...

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    Originally posted by RNN14
    No I am referring to the model that came after that one. It had much better body lines, performance, aftermarket. The one in the pic you showed was the one from two versions ago. I will post a pic of the one that is always parked down the street from me as soon as I can get a chance.
    The ST205? The one with 260 horses from the good ol 3S-GTE (2.0L) with a manual center locking differential....the precessor to the WRC Corolla....

    Actually the GT engine is a better engine to start off with. The GTS motor already comes with a high (approx) 11.0:1 compression ratio. It doesn't leave too much room for boost (around 6 to 7 psi), before getting new pistons (whenever TRD decides to release them). The GT engine with its lower compression is more suitable out of the box. Of course turbo sizing and configuration will make a huge difference. This is why who will see more people right now developing turbo kits for the GT instead of the GTS.
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    The ST205 actually had 255 HP. I used to own an ST165 (1st gen). Great cars but at this age starting to show problem areas. Luckily the international GT4 list is exceptional at helping each other out. Nicest bunch of guys I've ever met and all Toyota fanatics like me.
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    Originally posted by Penguinking
    14.1,14.3...great, but it'll cost yah a fortune to get there. wrx can hit that stock or w/ mbc. ok well maybe not a fortune, but the celica stock costs as much as a wrx stock.
    I think he already knows that. But if you think about it, that's pretty good for only 3 mods compared to the other import tuners such as the ones for honda.

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