I have an 02 WRX with all the mods listed below. My buddy has a Limited, running Stage 2. We ran twice, once from a dig and the second time from a roll. From a dig we were neck and neck (I launched a little better). Once I had to shift, he began to pull on me. He continued to pull on me all the way to about 90. His third gear is so strong. By the end he had two car lengths on me. The second run was a little more entertaining. We were going 20. I was in 1st at about 4000 RPM, he said he was in 2nd low in the RPM's. The gearing between the two cars is significantly different. When we hit it, I immediately jumped about 1 1/2 car lengths on him. By the end of the run, (around 90 again) he had already pulled ahead by a length. It was the first race with my VF34 installed, that thing makes such a huge difference. The new STi (2007) is a monster. With the AP running Stage 2 that thing pulls HARD.