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This is a discussion on '06 WRX 4EAT vs '04 WRX 5SPD within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; Originally Posted by Seattle206 ^^ you have a 06+ WRX 4EAT too? awesome. I plan on doing a stage 2 ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seattle206 View Post
    ^^ you have a 06+ WRX 4EAT too? awesome.

    I plan on doing a stage 2 when my warranty is up also. thought about doing a hs tc and a tranny cooler but im not a big racehead and a little more hp and torque can be extra useful for passing cars and getting out of certain situations.

    how you like your 4eat?


    hey arizonawrx, if a 4eat 2.5l wrx can do 0-60 in 6.2, then what numbers do guess it might do with a stage 2? just a random question.
    Thanks. A stage II WRX, even the 4eat, will be quite a performer on the street. I am hoping to go stage II when the warranty is up. I'm like you, I don't take my car to the track or brake launch, I have heard too much on people burning trannys. But I love my WRX for street driving, freeway driving, roadtrips, cruising and passing with no problems. Plus, I already took it up north (Flagstaff) to the snow with zero problems.

    I love my WRX. Yeah its 4eat, but I like it, it has everything I want (it is a WRX) and my family can use it too. That was important to me. You like yours? Again, put a stage II on it, and it will be 'good to go'. As for your question Seattle, on improved 0-60 with stage II, I am sure it would be better, but as to how much? No idea. Someone should go stage II and find out!
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    Until Stage II, having a 4eat ANYTHING that still runs in the 14s and runs a 0-60 in 6.2 seconds STOCK is great. I love my WRX. What do you think Seattle206, how do you like yours? If you like it now, just wait till you stage II


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    yeah, my 4eat was chosen cause im not the only one thats driving it. i already have a 91 nissan 240 in 5 speed, so having a sporty coupe that can take up to the mountains to ski is good for me. plus its a subaru, awd, quick, 4 doors. what other japanese sedan out in the market with the same performance, quality, safety, handling, options, can you get for $28k otd for a wrx limited 4eat? the closest i can come up with is the new v6 camry, but its fwd, heavy and less fun.

    what i want to know if what type of whp and torque an 06+ 4eat wrx puts out considering the fact the there is a drive train loss with an auto.

    I'll be good and happy once my car reaches 224 awhp and 265 ft/lb.

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