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btw, Cobb's dyno shows Stg. 2 off the shelf maps yields 271 aw lbs-ft, 224 aw hp... My dyno run on stg.2 just reads 1 less in hp/torque than Cobb's.

So I think your protune gained you 18 awhp, and 21 aw lbs-ft torque over Stg. 2 by itself. If your 30/80 gain is true you would've had 212/212 hp/torque (Calculated using your 242 whp minus 30 whp and 292 wlbs-ft minus 80 wlbs-ft)... which is pretty low for an 06 on Stg. 2. Also, the peak toruqe on the OTS map is at about 3,000 too so I don't think the curve really moved.

Not trying to be a jerk... Just making sure other people researching protuned Stg. 2 06 WRXs see what the realistic gains are.

Its nice to know our rides can take a good number of cars though Hawk-eyes FTW!
not every dyno will read exactly the same.