New Vette in the rain
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    New Vette in the rain

    I have the 05 Wagon w/auto. Not the fastest, but no one expects a wagon. For those of you that don't know, there is a trick in launching the 4EAT. If you pop it into N with your foot an the brake and rev it to about 5k, the brake pedal goes further to the floor and once back at idle pop into D and do a brake torque, it will increase the stall by upto 400 RPMs

    I was driving home one night and this new black Corvette pulled up along side at a light. It had just started to drizzle. There was no one else around, so... As the opposing traffic got the yellow, I reved it...caught his attention in a humorous way., then.. I took him off the line, he wasn't really trying,.
    As soon as I hit 40, I backed off cause the next light was turning one else around.... I coasted to a stop next to Mr. Vette.
    Remember, it was already drizzling, and its almost a light rain.
    I did the same thing as the first time, but Mr. Vette was ready.......
    Mr. Vette went up into tire smoke.....HE HE more round.....

    And wouldn't you know it...a little over a 1/4 mile....Another red light.
    At this point I am busting a gutt...and he looked pi$$ed! HE HE

    I did the same thing, .YELLO............GREEN!...Mr Vette was trying to throttle through the rain. He caught up and blew me away by the time I was doin 50.....Half for me and half for him.
    Now it is a light rain
    We cruzed for about a mile. I played a little ketchup. Then he dropped back, coming along side and then accelerated to, you guessed it, another red light.

    We must have done that for about 6 - 8 lights.

    By the 5th or 6th time, he was still working at controling that thing in the rain and all I could do was to hope he'd light em up again as i took him off the line in my 4eat wagon!!!!

    I got a great sense of pleasure in humiliating Mr Vette out in the rain....


    Next time He may think twice when he comes up on a wagon in the rain...HE HE

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    4EAT FTW!

    What mods do you have?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Subie do View Post
    4EAT FTW!

    What mods do you have?

    I don't think it would have mattered...
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