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I agree with you, to me a 14 sec turbo cars for some reason "feels" faster than a 14 sec n/a car. I remember driving the GTI and then driving my friend's 06 SI and the GTI to me felt much faster. But according to all the times I seen it should be a drivers race stock for stock. I know the Redline has a supercharger but it still has a very smooth power delivery like most n/a car.
turbo's have a "surge" of power (basically when boost hits) and that can tend to give the impression that the car is faster than it really is. Whereas, many n/a cars have flatter torque curves and more linear power delivery so it comes on smoother and more steady making the car feel a bit slower compared to a turbo car. For instance, a stock 02-05 wrx will typically run 14.2-14.5 @ 94/95mph and the new 350Z's?G35's will run 13.7-13.9 @ 101-102mph and yet the wrx feels faster. This is because the wrx gets a huge surge of power around 4,000rpms once the snail spools and the 350/g35 uses a vq35 motor which is well known for very smooth and linear power delivery making it feel not as fast.