Before the race i saw this guys turbo...its HUGE. hes only pushing 11 psi but his junkbeast moves. From a dig was our first race. I asked him before the race to race me at his highest power level and not sandbag because theres been some animosity with this guy, (all my friends think he is JDMhotness) so off the dig i ended up 4 cars ahead then i stopped pulling on him by 4th ie. no more pull after 4 cars of launch. So i count that as a win. Second race: From a Dig but i gave him "the go" meaning i sat there....watched his tires smoke in first...waited...then went. My 3k launch put me at the front of his car neck and neck. He held with me all the way to 4th. Strangely enough, when we got back to the chill spot, he broke something...pretty standard. 2 Wins for me, none for civic. Good try civic.