Stock 06 wrx vs. stg 2 04 wrx
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This is a discussion on Stock 06 wrx vs. stg 2 04 wrx within the Comparison: WRX vs World forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; Im posting this for my roommate. about two weeks ago he bought a PSM 06 wrx LE. nice car, more ...

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    Stock 06 wrx vs. stg 2 04 wrx

    Im posting this for my roommate. about two weeks ago he bought a PSM 06 wrx LE. nice car, more pull than i expected even stock. took a long sweeper at 110 when he let me drive it (empty road, middle no where, yada) and it took the corner very flat. anyway, on to the race.

    one of our other friends has an 04 wrx with UP, DP and cobb stg 2. about a year ago though he did a full sti drive train swap into . brakes, wheels, tranny, diffs, everything but the engine. pretty sweet. they raced from 60 to about 85, 06 started in 3rd gear. by the end the 06 was a tad ahead, but almost a tie. pretty impressive i have to say. that extra half liter did a lot for the low end and general power. he will be stg two in a little bit and cant wait to see how it feels then.

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    Nice, I can't wait till next summer for stage 2!
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    60 - 85? so thats like a 2 second race, if that? dont think you're gonna be able to tell much from that one at all...

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    schoolloans need some distance to get anythign useful.


    A stage II has almost an IDENTICAL power curve from 2500 to 5000 RPM as a stock 2006

    ANd after 5000 or so, the 2.0L has a SIGNIFICANT powr advantage. I know stock vs. my stage II, my friends 06 Limited gets pulled on from about 4500 RPM's on. Now that he's at stage II, well its a different story...

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