Unfortunately like a mosquito to my ankles, my car attracts turbo civic's by the drones. I am riding down our local "cruise strip" (Things I do for Chic-fil-A) and I see fake hid's trailing me from behind. Well after tailgating me for a while and making a strange turn with me I hit the highway and of course he pursued.

So we ride down the highway for a while and he pulls along side me and starts to slow down. In the meantime I have put my car into 3rd gear (at around 50mph) All of the sudden he stomps the gas before I have even slowed enough to get by his side. He instantly jumped from my rear bumper to about the middle of the drivers door. I then eased the gas pedal to the floor and pulled around 4 cars on him by the end of 3rd (90ish). His nose never made it past my drivers door because my car was instantly in boost and pulled like a bastard child pulls away from his uncle Chester.

Afterwards he quickly exited so as not to be seen, probably off to lowes to make a mbc. He made sure he squeezed off his super dooper blow off valve one last time before exiting.....cool